Top 5 Friday: Bangkok Street Food

Whilst in Bangkok we tried to eat as much food from street carts and stalls as we possibly could, not only because it was the cheapest option, but because we wanted to flavour some of the local cuisines and had been told that this was the best way. Here’s my top 5 things we ate:

1. Dokyo (unsure about the spelling as the man making them spoke pretty much no English). This is a sort of sweet and savoury mini pancake type thing that you can get either with egg and stuffing in or, for something more like a desert, with a sweet, fruity paste. Delicious.

2. Pad Thai from opposite Hua Lamphong train station…unfortunately when we went back the next day, the same man wasn’t there, and the one we got instead wasn’t quite as good, so I guess it’s a kind of ‘catch them when you can’ thing.

3. Fried chicken from Silom Road…yum (according to Maritza, who got some while I was sleeping).

4. Meat on a stick…from anywhere. The carts opposite Hua Lamphong station are pretty good, I just advise you to get the lamb and definitely not the chicken, as it turned out to actually be chicken BUM! Eeeewwww.

5. Pad Thai from Khao San Road…and if you overdo it on the chili powder (like I did), then there are plenty of places very close by to grab a nice cold beer.

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