Top 10 Things To Do In Central & Southern Vietnam

Ok so I didn’t really stay in Hoi An, Nha Trang or Mui Ne for long enough to come up with 10 things for each place so I thought I’d combine them. Here goes…

1. Stay at the Sunflower Hotel in Hoi An…with excellent service, and ridiculously comfy beds, there’s no place better.

2. Rent bicycles in Hoi An (or a motorbike if you’re feeling brave) and ride around, either to the beach or in the opposite direction to the old city.

3. Stay at the Ruby Hotel in Nha Trang, located just two blocks from the beach.

4. Eat at ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, a gorgeous little italian restaurant in Nha Trang.

5. Stay at Bien Nho Sea of Memory Resort in Mui Ne, with its lovely little rooms and beach views (and gorgeous pool), it’s a great place to just kick back and relax.

6. Rent a Jeep (and a driver) and head for the sand dunes in Mui Ne. On the white dunes rent a quad bike but not the plastic slides from the kids as the sand is just too deep for you to actually slide down!

7. Go to the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne and get a guide to show you around and explain what everything is…it’s absolutely stunning and you’ll get to sink your feet into some of the most glorious red sand/mud you’ll ever see.

8. Go to Bobby Brewers Coffee shop for any meal (in Ho Chi Minh City). Not only is the food amazing (in particular the American Burger), but there’s also a movie lounge upstairs with comfy sofas and about 5 different movies played each day…for free! And they’ll bring your food and drink to you while you watch!

9. Visit the Reunification Palace (also known as the Independence, or Presidential Palace) in Ho Chi Minh City…it’s quite a sight, with its 80s exterior and its almost hotel-like interior and grand board rooms.

10. Go to the Ben Thanh Market in HCMC and get lost down all the little alleyways surrounded by endless stalls of clothing, fabrics and foods. Then get out and go across the street to the Saigon Square Market, where they have all the same things for half the price.

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