Top 10 Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

We only spent about 6 days in these two cities combines, but they were both brilliant places to hang out and see some sights…here are my top tips for things to do if you eve happen to be in KL or Singapore:

1. Get your feet nibbled by fish at Central Market (KL).

2. Stay at the Matahari Lodge Hostel (KL).

3. Go to Reggae Bar for drinks, food and (if it takes your fancy) a bit of flavored shisha (KL).

4. Visit the Butterfly Park (KL).

5. Go to the Petronas Towers and shop till you drop in the biggest mall I think I’ve ever seen (KL).

6. Buy and try a random fruit (that you’ve never heard of) from a market stall somewhere (KL).

7. Wander through the street market on Pelang Street (KL).

8. Stay at Beary Nice! (by a Beary Good hostel) in Chinatown (SING).

9. Ride the Cable Car over the city for some increbile views (SING).

10. Eat on the street in Chinatown (SING).

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