Top 10 Things To Do In Sydney

1. Wander round the Botanical Gardens and marvel at the bats.

2. Go to the Sydney Aquarium and see all the fishes…little and large.

3. Visit Manly beach…if only to decide that it’s far too crammed full of people and you never want to go again.

4. Go for NYE and see the fireworks…best in the world, I’d say!

5. Stay at Wake Up hostel on Pitt Street.

6. Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge (or pay extreme amounts of money to climb over the top of it).

7. Go to the Sydney Opera House and get that classic photo standing in front of it.

8. Go to Bronte beach…it’s lush and pretty uninhabited and even has a sea-water swimming pool carved out of the rock face. Just be sure to put sun cream on!

9. Walk from Bondi to Coogee beach, stopping at all the other places in between.

10. Go hiking at the Blue Mountains.

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