Top 10 Things To Do In Byron Bay & Surfers Paradise

1. Stay at Byron Beach Resort (BB).

2. Learn to surf (BB or SP).

3. Walk to the Lighthouse (BB).

4. Dance the night away at Cheeky Monkeys bar/restaurant/club (BB).

5. Book something through Wicked Travel…and then get to use their computers and Internet for free! (BB).

6. Get a pastry from L’ultime Bakery…yum (BB)

7. Stay at Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort (SP).

8. Don’t go when it’s raining…as there is NOTHING to do! (Both).

9. As soon as the sun comes out…run to the beach and stay there all day! (SP).

10. Be there for Australia Day…there’s plenty of fun stuff going on and the atmosphere is great (SP).

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