Photo Of The Week: London Calling & A Brand New Passport

New Passport...let the adventures begin!
New Passport…let the adventures begin!

So, yes I totally forgot to put up my photo of the week on Sunday…again! My bad. But anyway, this week was a pretty awesome one as I got to go home (long story short…I had to renew my passport) for a bit and see my family and hang out my my mates. It was so nice to get back to London and visit all my favourite haunts…I realised that actually I’d kind of missed it (I know, shocker!). And the sun even came out for a few days to make my visit that bit more amazing! But the best bit? I got a brand spanking new passport, full of 32 clean and empty pages just ready and waiting for my next adventures. Keep your eyes peeled for info on what’s coming next in my travel life!

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