A Few Hectic Weeks in Les Arcs (for Natives.co.uk)

Since my last post about life in Les Arcs things have been pretty hectic…I even managed to go home for a week for some passport renewal fun. But first lets go back to two weeks ago…

I worked the Saturday transfer day as a rep on a bus for Crystal Ski, which basically just involved taking customers to the airport and then picking new customers up and bringing them back up to resort. Pretty simple really, and not a bad way to earn some dollar (or rather, euros).

Luigi's Beer Garden
Luigi’s Beer Garden

Then it was time for an epic week of lush weather and fun times. While the week started with some pretty gross, snowy weather, it soon cleared up and the blue skies returned so we had a few days of some sweet boarding and skiing combined with some chilled evenings of movies and some not so chilled nights out at the bars. Myself and my flatmates taught ourselves to play a drinking game called ‘True American’ (if you’ve ever watched the TV show ‘New Girl’ you’ll know what I’m talking about) that involved various rules and regulations and is pretty much a human board game that gets you very drunk, very fast. The perfect pre-drinking game when you live in a ski resort and drinks are vastly expensive!

Cross-dressing night!
Cross-dressing night!

One afternoon we made an attempt at going up the mountain to a secluded area with a few jumps to do some filming, but alas, not all of us had our boards and they wouldn’t let walkers on the lifts we needed to go up, so instead we headed to a restaurant/bar called Luigi’s for a few beers in the afternoon sunshine. And that evening we recreated our first epic sledging session but this time we decided to go all out and went even further down one of the slopes (the Vallee de L’arc), catching some serious air on the moguls as we hurtled down the icy piste in the dark. All was going swimmingly until I totally misjudged where we were on one of the slopes (like I said, it was pretty dark) and went hurtling over an edge, flew off our sledge and luckily, at the last minute, managed to grab hold of the fencing that we’d gone through, stopping me from falling into the car park 12 feet below! Pretty scary stuff, but once I’d checked I was still alive, all we could do was laugh. Maybe I’ll wear a helmet next time we go sledging?!

The drop I fell down!
The drop I fell down!

The next few days were spent much like the beginning of the week. We went out on the mountain and I taught my friend Chris how to board while my other friend learnt how to ski…with some pretty funny results. That night was a particularly hilarious one as it was my friend Cam’s birthday so we all went out and the theme of the night was cross-dressing…boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys. Let’s just say it was a pretty epic night…and people really went all out with their costumes!

On the final day of the week, with pretty spectacular hangovers, we took to the snow and went up to the Arpette restaurant, which was fun as always, but getting there wasn’t too great. It hasn’t really snowed here for about 2 weeks now and while I do enjoy the great weather, it hasn’t done much for the snow conditions. The entire way to the Arpette was ridiculously icy and I took a few pretty nasty falls and got some pretty epic bruises, but that’s what you get for being a boarder!

Sunny times in London
Sunny times in London

And then finally it was time to head home to London on a spontaneous trip to renew my passport (it’s a long story and one I won’t bore you with). It was great to see friends and family but man did I miss the snow. Oh it’s good to be back!

*Note: This post is also live on the Natives.co.uk website. See it here.

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