Guest Post: Worldwide Clubbing Capitals: San Antonio, Ibiza

So, you’re going to Ibiza. Do excuse me a minute while I tip my hat to you, good sir. You are in for the most epic events of your life. Clubbing in San Antonio Ibiza is like nothing you will have ever experienced before.

There’s a reason why it’s dubbed the best in the world, because it actually is. Whether your exclamation of choice is ‘totes amazeballs’, ‘freakin’ boss’ or ‘almighty ommers’, it does not even cover the immensity that will be coming at you when you step foot onto this Balearic beauty.

Club 18-30 reps
Club 18-30 reps

Don’t just take our word for it. Ibiza is mega popular with some famous faces too. Depending on which level of the barrel you want to scoop into first, famous fans of the island include Mark Wright, Katie Price, Tulisa, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and… Versace.

Are you cool enough? Pipe down! Of course you bloomin’ well are.

There are beautiful beaches…

Ibiza loves everyone. There’s a gig, an event, a bar to please every single music loving soul out there. Ibiza embodies the beats, it understands that music is the sound of emotions, it understands the different connections individuals have with different genres. Have it all. Ibiza insists.

Live gigs, including Ibiza Rocks and Ibiza Live, Silent Sundays and Sunset Cruises, are epic. You’ll definitely find all the typical themed party goodness on the square too, but Ibiza always likes to give that little bit extra.

…and excellent nightlife!

Chill out after your pass out at San Anfoamio or the Blue Inc. Pool Party. Do a few DIY days making the most of the on hand blue flag beaches and watersports.

#SanAntonioIbiza2013 well check you out! Get ready to have every element of your concept of clubbing blown well and truly out of the water. It is going to be epic, with a cherry Sourz on top.

*Note: This is a sponsored guest post, written by Catherine Lavinia on behalf of Club 18-30 & Thomas Cook. Go ahead and book your holiday today!

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