Photo Of The Week: Sunny Days In Cornwall

One of my favourite views
One of my favourite views… Port Navas

This weekend I headed down to Cornwall with some friends to stay at my Dad’s house in Port Navas, just 15 minutes from Falmouth, where I went to University. With weather warnings of rain all weekend, we were expecting quite a wet weekend spent inside with movies and games and snuggly fires, but instead the sun made an awesome surprise appearance and we spent the weekend outside, pretty much the entire time! Friday was spent in Falmouth at the Car Boot Fair, where I sold a whole bunch of my old stuff and added to my summer funds, then it was back to Port Navas for a BBQ of epic proportions. On Saturday we took the boat out and had a grand old time floating around the sea, before heading back into Falmouth for a little festival at the Princess Pavillion – there was music (my friend who runs Recklessly Organic DJ’d), hair braiding, drumming, flame throwing and of course, dancing. Back to Port Navas we went in high spirits for Rachel’s amazing chicken pie dinner and then it was movie time. Sunday, the sun got hidden behind the clouds but we still managed to enjoy our last day in this beautiful place… just hanging around, laughing a lot and polishing off the masses of food leftovers we’d managed to accumulate! A grand old time was had by all. Oh Cornwall, I’d forgotten how much I loved you.

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