Here It Goes Again

And so it begins. Again.

That’s right. Tomorrow morning I’m off to New York City for the beginning of my next (and this time seemingly indefinite) adventure. I’ll be living and working at Camp Sloane YMCA in Connecticut until mid September, when I’ll be boarding a very long flight to Sydney. And then Australia is where I’ll stay for a while, or at least until my WHV visa runs out and I have to come up with a new plan. I’ve got plenty of ideas bouncing around (some are pretty doable and some are just total pipe dreams at the moment), but I won’t really know until after Christmas, as everything’s pretty dependent on how it all goes in Oz. Maybe I’ll love it and find the perfect job and want to stay forever, or maybe I’ll decide I don’t want to live there after all (slash can’t find a proper job and run out of money) and will move onto somewhere and something else. Who knows?

All packed and ready to go!
All packed and ready to go!

It’s all pretty exciting. And pretty scary. And I’m quite sad to be leaving London and England and all my family and friends, much more so than the last time I went off around the world – I think because this time I have no end date. I have absolutely no idea when/if I’ll be coming home. And that is just crazy and hard to get to my head around.

But this is it. So here goes…

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