Another Epic Lip Dub Video From Sloane

So I know you’ve all seen the last video from Sloane that I posted (the One Direction Lip Dub), but that was just a taster of what we get up to at camp. Throughout the entire summer I’ve been going around camp and filming every activity and section (the different living areas for each age group) doing their part of our chosen song for this summer’s main Lip Dub. The song this year was a pretty bold choice… ‘Music For Sport-Victory Mix’, a mashup of a multitude of many different songs, put together by the awesome DJ Earworm (I really hope he doesn’t mind us using his masterpiece). It was a long hard slog to get this done, but it was thoroughly enjoyable to see it all coming together, especially the last part, which I really had no idea if it was even going to work at all! Check out Camp Sloane’s Summer 2013 Lip Dub video!

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