Gadgets I Don’t Ever Travel Without

Approximately a year ago I wrote a post all about the perfect gadgetry gifts for your travelling loved one and now, in the lead up to Christmas (yes I’m aware that it’s only just November, but that Christmassy feeling is once again approaching), I’ve been thinking a lot about my gadgets and the things I couldn’t travel without. I’m heading to Mauritius for a week over the Christmas period for an awesome relaxing holiday with my crazy family, all of whom I won’t have seen for about 7 months, and due to a bit of a mental flight schedule and some very short transfer times I’ve decided that I am only taking carry-on luggage, something I have NEVER done before!

While I’m going to have to massively cut down on my usual over packing of clothes and random stuff in order to fit it all into one piece of carry-on, I’m also going to have to think pretty hard about slim-lining what tech and various gadgets I take with me. Being an absolutely gadget obsessed traveller, this could prove a little difficult, as I like to have all the necessary (and sometimes unnecessary) tech with me all the time – anything that can make my travels easier, or make my photos better, or even just for entertainment on those long flights.

So here they are, the gadgets I absolutely, resolutely refuse to travel without on the majority of trips:

MacBook Pro
My Macbook Pro is just over 4 years old and it’s doing pretty well for its age. Yes it’s a bit hefty compared to the new models but it’s heaps powerful, has a mass amount of storage and perfectly suits my needs. I’m able to run this site and do any freelance video editing or writing that I get hired to do from random places around the world. Do I wish it was a bit lighter? Yes of course. But I’m waiting for Apple to bring some epic gadget out that is as light and portable as the  MacBook Air but pack the same punch as the model I already have.

iPhone 5
I’m only a recent iPhone owner, having only had the funds (and stored up birthday presents) to get one about a year ago, and I can honestly say its probably the best travel gadget I own. The ability to keep up with all my social media needs, store (and take) photos, keep notes, jot things down in the calendar, and use a bajillion apps just makes everything so much easier. Travelling has become a bit of a breeze with the multitude of map and travel related apps available and I always have a camera in my pocket!

iPad gadget apple
The iPad…A traveller’s dream

Okay, so this one may seem a little bit silly. Why do I need an iPad if I’ve already got a MacBook Pro AND and iPhone, I hear you ask? Well, sometimes the iPhone is too small, and the MacBook is too big. That’s where the iPad comes in. When I went on my Round The World trip back in 2011 I didn’t take my laptop because I just didnt want the responsibility and the weight. I didnt have an iPhone back then so I too my iPad. And it was fantastic. Most of the time. While it’s great to have this awesome little gadget to use to get online or store photos on or write blog posts, there were times when all I wanted was a computer and a hard drive, and the ability to access documents without having to first have them in iBooks, or print something out where there wasn’t wifi. So there are moments and travel experiences that require the iPad, no problems. But other times require a little more power and manipulation, which is where the MacBook comes in.

This is a recent addition to my travel gadget bag. It’s an awesome little multi-camera lens that clips right onto your iPhone and sits over the camera, adding effects such as Macro and Fisheye. And it’s freakin’ awesome! It’s tiny so takes up no space at all, and enhances your travel photos tenfold. I take it everywhere with me now.

Olloclip Macro gadget
Up close and personal with the Olloclip Macro lens

Multi-country plug adapter
Pretty much a no-brainer on the travel gadget fron. Get a travel plug that has various manipulations and can be used in heaps of different countries. Saves space on lugging around separate chargers for each country you’re visiting.

External Hard Drive
If I’ve got my laptop, I have my hard drive. It’s as simple as that. External hard drives are one of the best gadgets around. On my WD Passport I have about 200 movies and a mass amount of TV shows to occupy me during long flights (movies are a great way to make friends in hostels too). Alongside those though I also store a lot of work and photo back ups cos, well, you never know, and there’s nothing worse than losing all your photos! I just wish I could plug it into my iPad!

Cameras – Canon SLR & Compact Olympus Tough
This is a tough one, as it kinda depends on where I’m going as to which camera I carry with me on a trip. Most of the time I’m an iPhoneographer – that is, I just use my iPhone to take a heap of photos and I’m usually pretty happy with that. but there are times when a different camera comes in handy. If I’m heading to Angkor Wat to take photos of the sunrise, then obviously I’m going to take my Canon 400D (I’d like to upgrade when cash flow allows it), or if I’m filming some underwater action like snorkeling, then I’ll take my waterproof Olympus Tough with me. Usually I take both cameras as well as my iPhone on big trips and then use them independently as each day requires.

ATOP watch
This is another new addition to my top gadgets list. I wrote a review about this watch about a year ago and I still stand by everything I said then. This watch is awesome. In a nutshell, it allows you to turn the bezel to adjust the time so you can see the local time in pretty much every city around the world. A must have for every time-telling traveller!

watch gadget travel
The Atop VWA Traveller’s Watch

So there you have it. My own personal list of the gadgets I don’t ever travel without. Try some of them out and let me know what you think!

Are they any gadgets you use on your travels that you think I should start using?

4 thoughts on “Gadgets I Don’t Ever Travel Without

  1. You definitely like your gadgets Rusja ha 🙂

    I’ve always gone away without a laptop so far, as I just can’t be bothered with the extra weight. The flipside to that though is as soon as I’m away I really wish I had an iPad – the only reason I haven’t shelled out being that I think it would hardly get used at home!

    I definitely need to join the iPhone community though, mostly as it would be very handy to have a decent camera-phone on me.

    1. Yeah I only really travel with the laptop so that I can get work as a freelance video editor (as well as the ease of keeping this site running). The iPad is an absolute godsend while travelling, i’d definitely recommend one, especially if you dont like lugging your laptop around. But you’re right…i very rarely use it at home. And absolutely yes….join the iphone clan…you won’t regret it!

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