Photo Of The Week: New Year, New Friends

smiles friends fun faces
It’s all smiles

After returning from Mauritius last week I had just one full day of relaxation (and jet-lag) before work started back up at Camp Blue (the same place I worked back in September). This week has been so much fun, seeing the awesome kids I met at the last camp, and meeting all the new (and returning) staff members, the majority of whom have all worked at summer camp in the States, so are totally on the same wavelength when it comes to enjoying things and loving working with the kids. And as the title suggests, this has also been a week of making new friends…this group of staff has been pretty sweet and we’ve all bonded really fast this time around, even going out for after work drinks on Friday (drinks that may have turned into a bit of a messy night with a few sore heads the next morning!). I’m heaps excited about the next week at camp and all the mischief we’re going to get up to on the official staff night out at the end of the week. Bring on the mayhem!

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