Photo Of The Week: Meet Nick. He’s My Favourite Kind Of Cow

Me and nick the cow. Honeycomb Valley Farm
Me & Nick. The best of friends.

This week has been another one full of learning curves and awesome fun on the farm. I am loving farm life so much (I will write a post about it soon, I promise) – the people who work here are awesome, the hours are great (8am-3pm), there is a pool I can play in, an endless supply of (amazing) food, I get a free workout everyday and I’ve learnt so much about the plants and sustainable life that we lead here. But possibly my favourite thing about living at Honeycomb Valley is that I get to just hang out with the animals all day. There’s Katie the baby goat who gets bottle fed every morning and loves a good cuddle; there’s Betsy the big goat who’s an absolute princess and has allowed me to milk her multiple times (I know, right?!); there’s Mini the miniature horse who loves a good scratch; there’s Solo the sheep who likes to ram her head into my legs when I try to stop her eating the plants; there’s Jasper the alpaca who has the coolest afro hairdo I’ve ever seen on an animal; there’s two little baby goats who are identical and I’ve named them both Houdini because they are absolute escape artists; and finally my absolute favourite… Nick, the miniature Galloway calf who is the most adorable (albeit slightly slow) and friendly creature you’ll ever meet. Ahh, this is the life. The farm life.

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