Photo Of The Week: Working In Paradise

Working In Paradise
The view from my office!

Do you ever suddenly look up from whatever you’re doing and realise how amazing your life actually is, and how much you sometimes take it for granted? Well this happened to me the other day – I was sat up on the deck at the farm shop, just casually doing some blog writing and other fun work things when I took a minute to look up at my surroundings and had to pinch myself at the beauty of it all. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, there were plants and flowers and animals all around me and the best part… this is where I live. Everyday I am working in paradise. I get to experience this amazing place and be part of something pretty special. I get to hang out with the animals, and be part of this family; I get to create new ideas and work on projects that will be here long after I leave in a month’s time.

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