Photo Of The Week: I Love My Friends

Friends, best friends, happy, sunshine
With friends like these…


This week at camp has, of course, been another busy one, so it was pretty awesome this past Saturday when almost all of the staff were off from work due to it being an intersession (the end of a session with only a handful of kids staying over for the next session). We were all ‘off on camp’ which is actually pretty cool, as it means you can just hang out and do all the things you never get a chance to do during the busy days of a session. Most people went down to the lake to go boating or swimming in the glorious sunshine, but I decided to catch up on some sleep, watch some of my TV shows that I’ve missed and then hang out with a couple of my favourite people in the whole world (these two loons up there in the photo). We went for a walk around camp, took some ridiculous photos and lay in the sunshine, listening to music and talking absolute rubbish, as per usual. Oh how I love my friends.

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