Monthly Spending Summary: June ’14

Okay, so I know it’s pretty much the end of July already, and I’ve been totally slack about getting out June’s monthly spending summary…but I work at summer camp and my day just doesn’t allow time for leisurely blogging anymore! Anyway, here it is, everything that I spent in June and how I spent it!

Distance Travelled:

Camp to various ‘Day Off’ places (e.g. Lakeville, Millerton, Torrington & Great Barrington) – 200 miles

Total = 200 miles (roughly)

Countries: USA
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton, Torrington
Transport Used: Car
Money Spent (in GBP): £143.53 over 30 days = £4.78 per day!

While I’m at camp I usually try to set myself a weekly budget of $50, which doesn’t sound like much but in the past has been plenty enough to pay for my days off and a few other random things. But for some reason this year, all logic has gone out of the window and I’ve pretty much just bought whatever I wanted when I wanted it. Even with all this excess spending though, I’m still doing pretty well at under £5 per day…if I can keep going like this all summer, I’ll have plenty of money for a new adventure next year!

Breakdown of my spending (in US$):Saver app monthly spending travel budget

Wardrobe: $112.49
Food: $69.25
Groceries: $28.24
Personal: $27.66
Utilities: $4
General (random things): $2.91

Total: $244.55

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges:  Just being in America and clothes and spending more than I should while I live and work at camp (and don’t pay for food or accommodation). I had to buy a new watch as my old one broke and you really can’t be without a watch at camp, but aside from that, everything else has been stuff that I wanted and not stuff that I needed, but I figure a little splurge once in a while isn’t going to break the bank. And besides, I’ll be getting my tax back from Australia soon!

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