Monthly Spending Summary: July ’14

Once again, I’m super late with my spending summary for last month, things and life at camp have just been hectic and I never get a minute to myself to sit down and write (excuses, excuses, I know). Anyway, this month I’ve spent far too much money on random things (more shoes and clothes…oopsie), enjoyed some good food on my days off and generally had a good time. Nothing particularly new, just regular summer camp life.

Distance Travelled:

Camp to various ‘Day Off’ places (e.g. Lakeville, Millerton & Great Barrington) – 170 miles

Total = 170 miles (roughly)

Countries: USA
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton, Great Barrington
Transport Used: Car
Money Spent (in GBP): £268.05 over 31 days = £8.65 per day!

July spending travel money budgetSo, more than last month, and pretty bad for a month spent living at summer camp where my accommodation and food is free, but still not bad overall. It looks like I should be able to curb my spending for the next month so that when I go home (!) in September I’ll have plenty to fund myself for a while back in the UK.

Breakdown of my spending (in US$):

Food: $135.63
Personal: $90
Groceries: $80.90
Wardrobe: $63.85
General (random things): $23
Misc: $16.50
Vacation: $15
Kids: $9
Amusements: $8.50
Transport: $5

Total: $447.38

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges:  Like I said before, July was a pretty standard month for spending, there were a few little splurges on things like clothes but nothing major to report.

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