Monthly Spending Summary: August ’14

As always, it’s nearly the end of this month before I’ve done my spending summary for last month, whoopsie! Last month was pretty much just more of the same. Summer camp ended and Fall camp began, we worked hard and we played hard, said goodbyes to kids and friends and welcomed a quieter camp all to ourselves!

Distance Travelled:

Camp to various ‘Day Off’ places (e.g. Lakeville, Millerton) – 20 miles
Total =  20 miles (roughly)

Countries: USA
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton,
Transport Used: Car
Money Spent (in GBP): £293.97 over 31 days = £9.48 per day!

Once again, more than I would have like to spend, especially seeing as I don’t pay for rent or food when I’m living at camp, but during Fall camp we get more days off than just one per week so I spend more on things like snacks and coffees and random things when we go off camp. I don’t really know where my money went actually! I need to keep an eye on this a little better!

Breakdown of my spending (in US$):August spending summary money travel
Wardrobe: $176.67
Food: $144.80
Vacation: $63
Personal: $55.28
Groceries: $21.47
Auto: $10
Utilities: $4
General (random things): $3.95
Total: $479.17

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges:  My biggest expenses this month were shoes. I bought a few pairs. But hey, everything’s cheaper in America, right? Oh, that and I paid for the house we rented for September (more on that in next month’s spending summary)

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