Photo Of The Week: The End Is Not The End

Travel camp friends
The end of an era. From left to right: Me, Morgan, Alice, Tash, Rosa

So it seems that my travelling jaunts are over (at least for the next few months) and I am actually now sitting on my bed at home in London. Home. It’s a weird word. I pretty much apply it to wherever I am living at the time, so over this past 16 months I’ve had multiple homes – starting with Camp Sloane, then moving to a temporary apartment in Sydney for a few weeks, then a more permanent home in Sydney, then it was onto the farm in Nabiac, before heading back to Camp back in May. Those places have all been my home, so when people ask what it feels like to be home now I never really know what to say. Because while I am technically home in the ‘this-is-where-I-lived-all-my-life’ kind of way, I haven’t called London ‘home’ for quite some time now, and it’s going to take some getting used to before it stops feeling so weird every time I walk down the street and every accent is English, or when I spend money and it’s in this odd currency we call pounds (seriously, why are the notes so big?).

But anyway, this week’s photo of the week was taken on my very last night at Camp Sloane just a few days ago. We’d worked hard all summer and even harder through Fall Camp and had just had a mammoth 2 days of taking down the tents and some final cleaning, making sure camp was ready for the coming winter. So it was time to celebrate all together with a few (lots of) drinks, some excellent food, amazing company and of course, one last campfire. What’s really special about this photo is that while for myself, Tash and Rosa, this is the end of our 16 months away and time to head home, for Morgan and Alice it is just the start of their next adventure as, the very next day, they flew off to Australia for a year (or more), almost exactly a year after we arrived. Time really flies…I can’t quite believe that this time last year I hadn’t even arrived in Australia yet, let alone worked at Camp Blue or lived on the farm.

What a difference a year makes.

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