Monthly Spending Summary: Sept ’14

Wow, the beginning of September feels like a VERY long time ago now…what on earth was I doing over a month ago? I was still at camp for the first 10 days of September, which included a few random evenings out at our local pizza place and various other day off destinations. We all had 2 days off together so we rented a house by the beach and spent a glorious 48 hours playing in the sea, sunbathing on the sand, eating great food, and generally getting a bit merry after a hectic and full on Family Camp weekend. Then it was finally time to go home to London (after spending a day shopping n NYC of course!), where I spent a week not really doing much and then had about 10 days of full on fun when a couple of friends came to visit from various places around the world.

Distance Travelled:

Camp to various ‘Day Off’ places (e.g. Lakeville, Millerton) – 20 miles

Camp to New London (rtn) – 214 miles

Camp to NYC – 111 miles

NYC to London – 3,459 miles

Total = 3,804 miles

Countries: USA, UK
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton, New London, NYC, London, Saham Toney (Norfolk)
Transport Used: Car, Train, Plane, Skateboard, Tube
Money Spent (in GBP): £611.18 over 30 days = £20.37 per day!

I can (as far as I remember) usually live in London pretty cheaply…I don’t eat out that much, I don’t really shop, and I’m generally pretty boring, but when you’ve got mates with you for that long things tend to get a little more expensive, hence why my September spending was so damn high! Hopefully October will involve me going out a little less and earning a little more (fingers crossed I can actually find a job!).

travel money spending summaryBreakdown of my spending (in US$…it was easier to keep it all in one currency for the month):

Wardrobe: $217.64
Food: $202.30
Utilities: $132.83
Personal: $115.87
Amusement: $113.06
Transport: $75.05
Auto: $66.07
Groceries: $59.70

Total: $982.52

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges:  Just a lot of going out with friends to bars, restaurants, bowling, the Harry Potter studio tour, and even the theatre  one evening, not things I would usually splurge on.


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