5 Planning Tips For Your Winter Holiday

If you are used to holidaying in the sun, you may not have a clue where to start planning a winter getaway. Fear not! This post aims to help newbies to the winter holiday world to plan the most awesome trip.

1. Choosing the type of winter holiday

On a summer holiday, you are probably more than happy to relax next to the pool or on the beach for the majority of your break. However, the weather rules out this kind of activity on a winter holiday, and you won’t want to spend all your time lazing about indoors, otherwise you might as well stay at home. That’s why winter holidays tend to be based around an activity or two, whether it’s Christmas shopping in a snow covered city or snowmobiling in the Lapland snow. So, the first thing to do is to browse winter holiday ideas and choose one that suits you.

New York in the snow

2. Choosing your location

The location will depend on what type of winter holiday you have chosen. If it’s a city break, research destinations that are still very alive in winter. A lot of cities have winter entertainment and lovely markets while smaller cities and villages may be very quiet. If you are planning a winter activity holiday, like snowboarding or skiing, the snow conditions and if the area caters to your level will you choose the right resort. Ski resorts aren’t only for snow sports enthusiasts. They often have lovely shops, restaurants and other entertainment for those who are not hitting the slopes.

3. Packing for your winter break

Unless you are a packing guru, you will most likely require a bigger suitcase than you are used to for your summer holidays because you will be taking bigger, bulkier clothing. If you are going on a winter activity holiday, you will also have to think about how you will transport all your gear. If you want to reduce your luggage, consider hiring equipment when you get to your location. This is certainly a good idea if you are trying out a winter sport for the first time. On your winter holiday there is a high likelihood that you will be in the rain or snow, so my top packing tip would be: bring back-ups!

The Ride Tahoe Skiing

4. Sort out travel insurance

If you don’t already have travel insurance, it is a really good idea to get it before you winter break. Cancellations and delays to travel are far more common during the winter months, so it is wise to be protected. If you are planning an active winter holiday, ensure your policy covers winter sports.

5. Look after your health

There’s nothing worse than spending your holiday feeling under the weather. During the colder months, germs and infections are rife so be prepared to look after your health while you are way. Eat well, clean your hands regularly and wrap up warm. You may also want to pack vitamin supplements and antibacterial wipes as an extra measure.

So there you have it, a few tips to help you plan your next winter holiday! Happy planning!


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