Photo Of The Week: Snakes Alive!

Snakes, birthday, holding a snake
The best birthday parties always come with snakes, don’t they?! Photo by Dominic Clemence

This was my penultimate week in the UK before I fly away to America for the summer (9 days to go!), and it really didn’t disappoint. Had a great week doing my nanny thing, confirmed I’m going to be on the judging panel for the BUNAC travel internship competition (heaps excited about that!), and then this weekend I went up to Norfolk for my littlest sister’s 7th birthday (I feel so old!). It’s always lovely to spend time with the fam and the birthday celebrations were pretty excellent…we had a bouncy castle and a whole host of animals to play with, including this awesome snake I’m holding above, as well as a meerkat, a raccoon, an armadillo and the cutest little baby bear-looking things called tanukis (did you see my insta pic?), courtesy of the lovely people at Oreo and Friends. I never thought I’d be able to say I held an albino Python!

Anyway, it was an excellent last weekend with the family and one of the best birthday parties I think I’ve ever been to!

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