Monthly Spending Summary: May ’15

May was my last month in London for quite a while. I’m now in America, at summer camp and, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really have any specific plans for what I’m doing after camp aside from a couple of things, so I can’t really predict when exactly I’ll be home in England again. It’s kind of exciting. Anyway, May saw me spend a lot of time in London, I visited my mum in Sussex, went to Cornwall to support my dad in the election, then up to Norfolk to celebrate my sister’s birthday, before spending my last ten days sorting out my life, finishing work and seeing friends. Then it was off to the USA where I spent the last 6 days of May working hard at camp and loving every minute of it!

Distance Travelled:

London to Berwick (RTN) – 130 miles

London to Norwich (RTN) –  234 miles

London to NYC – 3,459 miles

NYC to Lakeville, CT – 110 miles

Total =  3,933 miles

Countries: UK, USA
Cities/Towns: London, Berwick, Norwich, Port Navas, Camborne, New York City, Lakeville, Millerton, Torrington
Transport Used: Car, Train, Tube, Plane.
Money Spent (in GBP): £359.54 over 31 days = £11.60 per day!

That’s surprisingly not too bad actually, I thought it would be more than that, so I’m pleased I’ve managed to keep my spending down! I had to buy a whole bunch of stuff for America so spent a fair amount on things like contact lenses and new shorts for my staff uniform. And then I paid a deposit for an upcoming trip, and a whole heap of money went on transport, as always. I’ll be glad to get out of London for a while and away from the extortionately expensive public transport system, that’s for sure!

 Breakdown of my spending :

Personal: £94.80
Wardrobe: £50.53
Vacation: £50
Transport: £49.98
Groceries: £40.45
Utilities: £30.92
Food: £27.47
Misc: £12.39
General: £3

Total: £359.54

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: This was probably the very last minute tickets I booked to go and see Mumford & Sons in Brooklyn in two days time! I was randomly looking online for gigs that might be on this summer, saw they were playing this week, that there were still tickets available and just booked it! I’m so freaking excited about it though, that I just don’t care how much it cost!

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