Photo Of The Week: Last Days In London

This has been my final full week in London before I head to America on Tuesday, so there’s been a lot of ‘lasts‘… I had my last days at work, my last days walking up and over Primrose Hill and marvelling at this incredible view, last times seeing family, last days hanging with friends and the dog. And now I have just 2 more sleeps and then it’s summer camp here I come! It’s quite strange this time around as I don’t really know when I’ll be home… I have some plans but then they sort of trail out as it gets closer to Christmas, so when people ask, I’m a bit like ‘ummmm… some time between october and december maybe? But I don’t know. Maybe next April?’. It’s quite strange not really know exactly when you’re coming back ‘home’, but it’s nice to know that it’s just always going to be there whenever it is that you do return.

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