Monthly Spending Summary: July ’15

To be honest, there’s not a lot of new things to add this month that I didn’t already do last month…still at camp, still loving it, haven’t really been anywhere new (apart from a long drive to another camp in Hancock, NY), just plodding along with life at summer camp

Distance Travelled:

Lakeville to Millerton (RTN x 10) –  80 miles

Lakeville to Hancock, NY (RTN) –  308 miles

Total =  388 miles

Countries: USA
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton, Hancock,
Transport Used: Car, Skateboard
Money Spent (in USD): $300.12 over 31 days = $9.68 per day (or £6.21)!

So I managed to spend less than half of what I spent last month… go me! But I still feel like I’m spending too much, especially seeing as I get my food and pretty much everything else for free while I’m at camp. Sometimes though it’s nice to get off camp on my day off and eat nice food and drink copious amounts of iced coffee!

July Monthly Spending

Breakdown of my spending :

Food: $217.34
Groceries: $33
Wardrobe: $21.22
Personal: $12
Utilities: $10
General: $5.06
Auto: $1.50

Total: $300.12

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: Absolutely nothing. I haven’t splashed out on anything for a while as I’m trying to save it all for travelling… I do need some new shoes now though. Hmmm….

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