Photo of the Week: Tie Dye Girls

Summer Camp Tie dye

Oh what a week it’s been. In a great way. It’s finally started to get heaps hot and sunny here at camp, which just makes everything even more awesome than it already is. So going back to the beginning of the week – on Monday we surprised all the kids with Color War, which was epic beyond all expectations (if you don’t know what that is, basically all the kids on camp compete against the other teams in crazy games and relays to win the glory. Oh and there’s a huge colored powder war at the end too). A bunch of us decided that we didn’t want to pick a specific team so went for the ‘Tie Dye’ look instead, hence the above photo, taken mid dancing with some of my favourite people in the world. And that’s what I love about camp. I can dress in mental colors (yep, I’ve dropped the ‘u’) and dance on benches with my friends at random!

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