Monthly Spending Summary: Nov ’15

Once again… where did the month go? How is it already December… only 2 and half weeks until Christmas! Which for me means a nice sunny day on the beach in Mauritius! I cannot wait! So anyway, November. I spent the first few days in New York, spending a lot of money of clothes and fun things, and then it was time to head home to London, after almost 6 months away. It was very strange to be back in England, but quite nice at the same time. I saw family, caught up with friends, got my nanny job back for the time being, and generally just quite enjoyed being ‘home. It’s a bit cold tho. Can someone do something about that please?

Distance Travelled:

New York to London – 3,459 miles

London to Norwich – 117 miles

Norwich to Cambridge – 68 miles

Cambridge to London – 62 miles

Total = 3,706 miles

Countries: USA, UK
Cities/Towns: NYC, London, Norwich, Cambridge
Transport Used: Plane, Train, Tube, Car, Skateboard
Money Spent (in GBP): £496.47 over 30 days = £16.55 per day!

Soooo cheap. At least, cheap compared to the last few months. I splurged a lot in the first few days of the month when I was still in NYC, but then since I’ve been home, I really haven’t spent that much. Just going out with friends, a few random things like website costs, concert tickets and xmas presents, oh and transport. I forgot how expensive public transport in London is.

November Spending saverBreakdown of my spending :

Personal: £135.35
Wardrobe: £116.08
Food: £84.22
Transport: £44.54
Groceries: £42.24
Misc: £27.99
Utilities: £23
Amusement: £17.55
General: £5.50

Total: $496.47

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: New York. Shopping. Clothes. Shoes. Enough said. Oh and I got a new tattoo. That too.

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