Manuel Antonio Nature Reserve: A Photo Essay

One week into my recent trip to Costa Rica, on a day off from surfing classes, myself and some friends thought we’d venture south to the much talked about Manuel Antonio National Park and see if we could spot some sloths and other native creatures. This is what we saw (with the help of our awesome guide Willem).

Manuel Antonio spiderManuel Antonio spider
A super creepy spider that I can’t remember the name of!


A Rainbow Cricket! Manuel Antonio
A Rainbow Cricket!


A teeny tiny lizard Manuel Anotnio
A teeny tiny lizard


A land crab Manuel Antonio
A land crab


A 'very very poisonous' snake Manuel Antonio
A ‘very very poisonous’ snake


Miniature bats Manuel Antonio
Miniature bats


A SLOTH!!! Manuel Antonio


This other spider Manuel Antonio
This other spider


A freakin' massive Iguana Manuel Antonio
A freakin’ massive Iguana


This incredible beach Manuel Antonio
This incredible beach


Capuchin Monkeys Manuel Antonio
Capuchin Monkeys


Another breathtaking beach Manuel Antonio
Another breathtaking beach


This view Manuel Antonio
This view


I love Manuel Antonio! Girls Swimming
I love Manuel Antonio!


*Note: Next time I go anywhere, I’ll try to write down or remember the actual names of the creatures I see! But anyway. Go to Manuel Antonio. Get a guide to help you find all the animals. You won’t be disappointed.

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