Photo Of The Week: It’s Sledging Time!

Post-sledging...the injuries were worth it!
Post-sledging…the injuries were worth it!

This week has been pretty epic to tell you the truth. We’ve been out boarding a lot, we finally got our season lift passes sorted and in the middle of the week we all got in one of those crazy childish moods and went out sledging late at night. And when I say sledging, I mean this was some serious stuff. We weren’t there for the little league, tiny slopes style sliding on snow. We were in it for the big time…Cam even slid down some stairs on his sledge! We took our sledges to the top of a ski slope (the one that takes you down from Arc 2000 to Arc 1950 for any of you who know Les Arcs) and absolutely bombed it down the mountain, me and Shell on the blue sledge together (Mini Bob), Cam on the little yellow button sledge, and Chris on the red one (the Red Rooster). And I have to say mine and Shell’s was definitely the best…I mean we became pros at turns and at one point actually got some serious air as we flew down the mountain side. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a great time sledging…we are definitely doing a repeat of this night (and there are videos to come)!

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