Photo Of The Week: Being At Home

An action packed week!
An action packed week!

So this week I spent the majority of my time up in Norfolk with my sisters, primarily being a nanny for my youngest sister who is almost 5. It was so nice to be home with family and we such a great time seeing movies, eating out, going to the zoo, and we even made our own puppets at the Norwich Puppet Theatre! And then this weekend I came back to London for a very lazy Saturday, during which I actually didnt leave the house all day, and a fun-filled Sunday – with a visit to Wembley for the FA Cup semi-final (yes I’m a Chelsea supporter, and yes I’m pretty bummed that we lost), followed by drinks with my besties in Covent Garden. So that explains the multi-picture photo this week…it’s been so fun, I just couldn’t decide on one!

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