Monthly Spending Summary: September ’15

Ok, so I’m really bad at getting these monthly spending posts done anywhere near the month it’s for, but here it is. September was a pretty hectic month, with the first few weeks spent at camp, and the last week spent driving all over California on an epic road trip from Yosemite National Park all the way down to Los Angeles (via Santa Cruz), before flying all the way to Costa Rica for the start of a new backpacking adventure. So I’m not really surprised that it was also a pretty expensive month too.

Distance Travelled:

Lakeville to Millerton (RTN x 5) –  40 miles

Lakeville to NYC – 110 miles

NYC to Fresno – 2,915 miles

Fresno to Yosemite – 61 miles

Yosemite to Santa Cruz – 186 miles

Santa Cruz to Los Angeles (via Hwy 1) – 350 miles

Los Angeles to Jaco, Costa Rica – 3,438 miles

Total =  7,100 miles

Countries: USA, Costa Rica
Cities/Towns: Lakeville, Millerton, New York City, Brooklyn, Fresno, Yosemite, Santa Cruz, LA (and everywhere inbetween)
Transport Used: Car, Skateboard, Train, Plane, Bus
Money Spent (in USD): $1,908.34 over 30 days = $63.61 per day (or £41.12)!

September was always going to be an expensive month – yes I was at camp for the first 3 weeks of it, but we know by now that I spend far more than I should when I’m there. And then travelling the States is always expensive, especially when you are renting a car and visiting places like Yosemite National Park, which just isn’t cheap in general

September Spending saver app
I use an app called ‘Saver’

Breakdown of my spending :

Vacation: $1016.74
Food: $278.54
Groceries: $134.10
Payments: $118
Utilities: $103.74
Wardrobe: $84.88
Transport: $71.58
Personal: $47
Misc: $34
Amusement: $10

Total: $1908.34

Biggest Expense/Unforeseen Splurges: There was nothing major that I bought that could have been avoided really… I didn’t even buy anything when I was in NYC! The biggest expense this month though was definitely the whole whack of money I had to pay when I arrived at School of the World – but that covered my whole two weeks there, accommodation, surf lessons and everything.

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