(24) And They Think It’s All Over…

I had my peer appraisal on Monday, and on the whole the feedback I received about my work was pretty positive. Obviously there were a few suggestions for various projects, some of which I’ve taken on board and some of which I haven’t, the main one being my Action trailer, as it is a piece that I worked really hard on and feel that it does what I want it to do…changing it now would only turn it into something I never intended it to be, and hopefully this will come across in both my contextual and self-reflective essays.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the feedback and opinions of my tutors and peers, it’s just that I think in the end it should be my decision as to what I change/keep the same – it is my portfolio after all, and if I’m happy with it, then that should be what counts.

The project I was most concerned about was Jade’s documentary, ‘The Little Things’, as that is the one that has been so up and down, with varying feedback from our different tutors over the last few weeks. So I was (as were the rest of the crew) very pleased when people (peers and tutors alike) really liked it, and only had a few, minor suggestions on how to improve it. I’ve then spent the last couple of days working on it, and sending it back and forth between me, Jade, Collette and Joe (via youtube and megaupload, as I had to come to London for a visa interview at the US Embassy this week) in order to get a cut that works and everyone is happy with.

I think I’ve finally managed it…we’ve taken on board some of the suggestions we got in the peer appraisal and left some other things as they are. So while all the changes and constant bombardment of opinions from all sides has been a bit of nightmare over the last few weeks, with the edit being altered almost daily, I think that it has actually all been pretty helpful and we now have a cut I am really quite proud of…hopefully the others are too. And now it’s over to Joe to spice it up with a bit of spectacular sound design!

Right now I’m just finishing off Dave’s film, ‘Halfway Point’, making the last few adjustments to it as suggested in our peer appraisals before I send it over to Matt for final sound stuff. And then we will be done! How exciting.

I just hope that this is it…that everyone is happy and ready to let go of their films, I know I am. I’ve done about 6 different cuts of these two films over the last week or so, a task that gets a little tedious once you’ve watched something about a gazillion times. Maybe from now on I’ll stick to editing trailers and promos – they have a much faster turnover and are usually more fun to edit because there’s a bit more creativity involved. Not that I haven’t enjoyed editing Jade’s and Dave’s films, I have, I’ll just be glad when they’re finished and handed in!

Only 11 days to go before my degree is O.V.E.R.

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