Top 10 Things To Do In Hue

1. Stay at Valentine Hotel…the staff are lovely and the rooms are cheap.

2. Eat at Missy Roo’s restaurant (and not just because it shares my name!)…the staff are very sweet and the food is delicious.

3. Go on a city tour…all the hotels offer them and I’m sure they’re pretty much all the same. Ours included trips to three different tombs, the Old Citadel, a little garden and a village where they make incense sticks and the classic Vietnamese conical hats. It was also supposed to take us on a boat along the river too, but the weather was appalling when we went so that part was cancelled unfortunately.

4. Eat at Golden Rice restaurant…yum…’nuff said.

5. If you’re there when it’s raining like we were, get one of the giant poncho things that cover you from head to toe…you may look and feel like a wally, but at least you’ll be dry!

6…Okay so we didn’t really stay in Hue long enough for me to find 10 things I think you should do (especially as all the cultural sights are included in the city tour…so maybe just count those individually and that’ll equal 10?!)

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