Top 5 Friday: Hostels Around the World

Okay, so I haven’t really stayed in that many hostels yet, but of the ones I have stayed in, these are my favourites. I’ll be repeating and updating this Top 5 over the coming months as I make my way through even more countries on my RTW Trip.

1. Hostelling International Toronto.

2. Peace & Love Hostel, Paris.

3. Hostelling International Washington DC.

4. Hostelling International NYC.

5. Miami Beach International Hostel (whilst not my personal favourite as it doesn’t really suit my character, I can see that if it’s what you’re into, then it’s an awesome place to stay…also I was pretty ill during my time here, so didnt get to enjoy the full benefits of the place).

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the HI hostels…they’re relaxed and fun, with excellent facilities and great service. Go to for more details.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Friday: Hostels Around the World

  1. Ru! You need to stay somewhere that isn’t a HI. Toronto is probably one of the worst I’ve stayed in so far. I agree that Washington DCs HI is worse than Torontos though! Find the small hostels no matter where you are, they are always more fun.

    1. i loved the HI in toronto…but yeah i agree with you that smaller ones are best…much more homely and personal, the HI’s were just easier for our big group travelling ameria

  2. Worst one was definitely the vanderbilt for me and the best one was one i stayed in in Harlem (believe it or not) im not sure what it was called but i think it was on 120th and 2nd. Really fresh and clean whith a new kitchen in each room 🙂

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